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Group Classes/Training:  

Nkechi is an experienced corporate trainer and a member of the American Society of Training and Development as well as other performance management associations.  She brings the expertise and know-how to help clients develop a winning style and image that matches their brand and will help propel them to greater success.

Personal Color Matching: 

First up is a complimentary personality exam followed up by a personal color analysis.  We use the SCI Art System to identify your best color palette.  It’s not just about the seasons but here, we look at several key variables based o the Munsell Color Theory to determine which hues best accentuate your appearance.  The result will wow you!  Before your eyes, you’ll get an instant lift as lines and wrinkles are diminished, your skin appears more youthful, glowing and radiant.  Get ready to shine!

Style Consultation & Image Design: 

Here we identify the best styles for you and create a plan of action.  Trust me to help you unveil your beauty and develop a style that is uniquely, authentically you.


Closet Therapy: 

Here we review your clothing, and determine what is serving you well.  We also edit your wardrobe as needed and help you create your style options.



Personal Shopping:

Other Services Offered:

  • Annual, Seasonal Update or Styling for an Occasion
  • Resources & Referrals
  • Makeup
  • Personal Branding
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