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Studies show that in business transactions, decision makers take about 2 minutes to decide if they want to deal with the subject further. Some experts say that at first meeting, it takes the first 2 to 30 seconds to form a lasting impression about a person. With one gaze sweeping head to toe, your appraiser will consider your appearance, communication skills, personal mannerisms, and swiftly a verdict will be issued. As daunting as it sounds, that litmus test will determine whether your acquaintance likes you, will hire you, give you a chance or well, dismiss you.


Are you maximizing your own image to your best advantage?  Well, it's never too late to make the most of the most of the image you project and Style For Me (SFM) is here to help.

 With SFM's Image Coaching, you'll soon be ready to shine from the inside out!

Whether you are aiming to get more mileage from your style, be more successful or to simply update your look, I am here to support you to genuinely look and feel your best. My dream is to help you stop fighting with your body, accentuate your undeniable beauty, and become more vibrant.  I will support and propel you to greater confidence and self-appreciation!

 It's time you invested in yourself and capitalized on your wealth of assets!

"Your worth is already established"  ~ Al and Hattie Hollingsworth

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What are your biggest style issues? Dish about it.

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